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Price list

400k per court

60 minutes

560k per court

90 minutes

720k per court

120 minutes

50k per player

Recovery For Players

2h Access After Playing

100k per person

Recovery For Visitors

3h Access (9.00-21.45)

40k per player/session

Racket Rental - Nox X-One

80k per player/session

Racket Rental - Dropshot Furia Attack or Control

40k per tube

Bam Bam Padel Ball Rental

Any game require the payment of full court (4 players)

Cancel at no charge up to 12 hours before your booking.
Please note that a full payment is required for cancellations made within 12 hours
of the booking time during your next visit.
Bam Bam Padel Balls

Book Your Court!

  1. Download the app 'Playtomic'

  2. Search for "Bam Bam Padel"

  3. Book and enjoy!

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