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Welcome to the World of Padel!

Padel is played on an enclosed court, half the size of a tennis court. Think of it as tennis meets squash. You serve underhand, and the ball can bounce off the walls, adding a dynamic twist to the game!

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Why Padel?


Whether you're 6 or 80,

a newbie or a pro in other racquet sports, padel welcomes you with open arms.

Physical Benefits

Improve your agility, coordination, and reflexes while getting a full-body workout.

Social Perks

Padel is double's only, making it a social sport. Play with friends or make new ones!

Padel vs. Big Tennis: The Key Differences

padel vs tennis

Court Size

Padel courts are smaller and enclosed with walls. 


In padel, you use shorter, string-less racquets.

2 vs 2

You get a teammate to cover your side of the court

Ready to Dive In? The Basic Rules:


Much like tennis, padel uses the love, 15, 30, 40, and game scoring system.

Wall Play

The ball can bounce off the walls, but only after it has hit the ground once.


You get two chances to serve, and it must be underhand.

Coach Jere


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Book Courts & Lessons

Find Bam Bam Padel on Playtomic and easily book

Players Ratings

Based on real results, every time you play and upload your result, your level will be updated


Find players easily by opening a new match or join another.

Bam Bam Padel Balls

Initiation Lessons for Newbies

The perfect kickstart for anyone looking to get into padel. Learn the basics, grasp the rules, and get playing in no time. Fun and easy, just like padel should be!

For Levels 0-1.5 in Playtomic

Coming soon

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Bam Bam Padel Balls

About Us

At Bam Bam Padel, it's more than just a game. Enjoy action-packed sessions on our 5 scenic padel courts. After the game, unwind in our sauna, rejuvenate in the steam room, or challenge yourself with a cold plunge. Experience sports, relaxation, and unforgettable moments, all under one roof.

Running padel player

5 Tropical Panoramic Courts

Nestled in the heart of Ubud, our five fully covered courts let you play padel come rain or shine. With smooth surfaces and high-quality rental rackets, these courts cater to both beginners and seasoned players.

Bam Bam Padel Recovery Ice Barrels

Our services


Once you've sweated it out on the court, enhance your relaxation with our Jacuzzi.

Complement your recovery experience with our dry sauna, steam bath and refreshing ice barrels set at 8 and 4 degrees.

and some more

We provide additional services for your comfort

Changing rooms

Before and after the game, our modern changing rooms provide the comfort and convenience you need to switch gears, ensuring you’re always at your best on and off the court.

Convenient Location

We understand that convenience matters. That's why we're located just 5 minutes away from the center of Ubud. It's easy to drop by for a quick game, pick up some gear, or even just hang out and soak in the atmosphere.

Parking Spaces

Drive in with ease and park hassle-free. Our dedicated parking lot ensures that your BAM BAM Padel experience begins smoothly the moment you arrive.

Padel Canteen

Canteen Cafe

Need a break? Head up to our Canteen Cafe to enjoy a coffee or snack. You can socialize, relax, or keep an eye on the ongoing games below. It's the heart of our community, a place to meet fellow players or just enjoy the view.

Pro Shop

Explore our Pro-Shop featuring top-tier brands like Drop Shot & Nox Padel, ensuring you're equipped for peak performance. From premium rackets and balls to specialized accessories, elevate your game in style with Bam Bam Padel

Pro Shop
nox & dropshot
Bam Bam Padel Balls

Where & When

Mon - Sun 7am-10pm
Jl. Cempaka, MAS, Ubud,
Bali, 80571, Indonesia
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